About Sketchy Fables

Hi there! Welcome to the official website of the upcoming PC videogame Sketchy Fables. Sketchy Fables is a exploration game and can be described as a comic book that has broken up over a landscape.

The official Steam page is https://store.steampowered.com/app/1472430/Sketchy_Fables/

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Fully Animated & Drawn by hand

The world of Sketchy Fables is made up of more than 4000 unique drawings and animations all drawn by artist Alle de Jong.

Sketchy Fables

In Sketchy Fables multiple storylines take place in the same moment. It is up to the player to recognize storylines and make them their own.

About it’s creator Alle Jong

I am Alle Jong an Frisian/Duttch artist. I make paintings and drawings as well research old master prints and artefacts. Sometimes I use authentic old artefacts in My art installations, in My studio the Virtual Reality headset is next to a book from the 16th century. Also in Sketchy Adventure You will find many historical honorifications. In recent years I participated in various Museum and Gallery exhibitions. I had one major solo exhibition at the Drents Museum this year ”Mijne Kinderlijke Traanen”, and in 2016 I curated an Videogame exhibition ”The Fugue of Play” that explored the videogame medium.


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